Yellow Gold necklace, a timeless and affordable luxury

18 carats (18k) yellow gold-plated necklace, a unique piece of jewellery that never goes out of style. Thanks to its unparalleled style and timeless charm, it always manages to make a difference. But what are its advantages and why is it necessary to have it in your collection?

5 + 1 reasons to get your own yellow gold necklace with 18 carat (18k) plating

1# It fits with every style

With jeans at work or with a dress for an impressive evening look? A yellow gold necklace will fit in any outing, managing to steal all the looks and impressions.

2# It is offered with plating in the color of your choice

Yellow gold or rose gold necklace? Or maybe both? Choose the color shade you like and match your style.

3# Can be worn with other necklaces!

The new trend in jewellery is to combine many necklaces, chains or pendants together. In order to achieve it, you need at least three plated necklaces of the same color, combined together.

4# It is available in unique designs and variations

Your choices are endless. Discover each and every one, in the new VOGUE Watch & Jewellery eshop and make them your own!

5# A gold necklace is the affordable luxury you need

We all deserve a few notes of luxury in our everyday life and an 18 carat (18k) yellow gold plated necklace is definitely one of them. Give yourself the gift you deserve and enjoy it!

+1# This is an actual investment

No matter how many years pass by, a quality necklace in yellow gold from Vogue watch & jewellery will never lose its value. It is a real investment that will be in your jewellery box for a long time, giving style to your every look.

Acquire your own 18 carats (18k) yellow gold plating necklace

Are you looking for a unique piece of jewellery that will turn all eyes on it and on you? A yellow gold necklace with 18 carat (18k) plating is the ideal proposal for you. Discover now all the new VOGUE Watch & Jewellery designs made of Sterling Silver 925. They are offered with the possibility of returning them within a month. Get the tools from VOGUE Watch & Jewellery with free shipping throughout Greece or visit our nearest partner store. Find it here. Alternatively, you can place your order by phone at 210 32 12 293, from 9.00 am. until 16.00 pm.

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