Silver bracelets, the accessories that every woman loves! Easy to wear and impressive, they come to ideally complement your style, highlighting your outfit, but also your taste. But for what reasons are they ideal for your every appearance and what are tips you need to know to choose the right ones? Find out everything in the text that follows.

Silver bracelets: 4 + 1 reasons to choose them.

1. They fit perfectly in your hand!

Silver bracelets, compared to other types of jewellery, such as silver earrings, fit any hand. However, there are some small exceptions that you should keep in mind.

Vogue Watch & Jewellery tips:

  • If your palms are wide and your wrists are large, opt for thinner bracelets to reduce the feeling of volume on your limbs.
  • If your body type looks like a “pear”, it is better to avoid very strong bracelets. The reason is that every time you stand up with your hands down, they will add volume to your hips.

2. Silver bracelets are the best friend of watches.

What can make a watch in your hand look more impressive? But of course, the appropriate accompanying bracelet! Create a special effect on your hand by combining the watch with one or more silver bracelets. Thus, you will emphasize the wrist, drawing all eyes to the point.

The tip of Vogue Watch & Jewellery: Make sure that the style and color of the bracelets match the one of your watch.

3. They are available in unique designs.

Make your own fashion statement, wearing the one of the silver bracelets of Vogue Watch & Jewellery that reflects your thought, mind and being! Choose a bracelet with hearts, circles, motifs, stars or even words-symbols, such as the “Peace” bracelet and let others notice.

The tip of Vogue Watch & Jewellery: The ideal way to wear a special statement bracelet is with a blouse or a dress that leaves your hands bare. For your everyday looks, choose a monochrome top with fitted sleeves.

4. They complete your every outfit.

Are you preparing to go to work, for coffee or are you planning your night out? Wherever you plan to go, whatever your type of clothing, there are always the right silver bracelets to show it off.

Vogue Watch & Jewellery suggestions:

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