Silver earrings, the ideal companion of every woman…by two! Who can imagine herself in any outing without this special piece of jewellery? At this time and age, women pay even more attention to style and appearance, earrings, in all their variations, cannot be missing from our personal collection.

Silver earrings: 4+1 steps to choose your own

Let’s see which are the steps one has to follow to choose the perfect pair of silver earrings.

1. Discover the design that suits your type of face

Every face is unique. Therefore, it is important to choose designs that suit the shape and geometry of your face.

  • Round or drop- shaped earrings are suitable for round faces.
  • For square faces smaller and round earrings are preferred.
  • Oval faces generally fit all type of silver earrings.

2. Match your silver earrings with your choice of clothing

Whether you wear them at work, on an outing, at a special occasion or just to feel nice, a pair of silver earrings serves their purpose. For example, long earrings are suggested for a vernal and impressive appearance, while smaller earrings with stones are preferred for a more refined or everyday outfit. The important part is to know the purpose you would like to buy them.

3. Combine them with the proper hairstyle!

Do not neglect to combine your new earrings with the right hairstyle, which is even more important than your outfit:

  • For a hairstyle with light curls, prefer small hoop earrings,
  • For a hairstyle with strong curls, prefer a discreet and smaller design,
  • For hair held back, prefer dangling and boldly earrings,
  • For hair that falls back, opt for a beautiful design with a gem,
  • For modern hairstyles with a braid on the side, choose a romantic design that will highlight your style,
  • For shorter hair, choose bold silver earrings that will accentuate your face.

4. Emphasize on the quality

Are you looking for timeless jewellery? Who said you must spend a fortune on a pair of gold earrings? Choose the brand you trust and prefer 925o silver earrings with 18 carats yellow or rose gold plating (18ct) , just like the ones of Vogue watch & jewellery.

+1 Trust your favorite brand

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