Espérer means “hope” …With a powerful main message, the fall collection of VOGUE Watch & Jewellery is elegant, inspired by the French finesse and with a dreamy mood… As evidenced by the title of the collection, it “adorns” our appearances with inspirational jewellery and accessories that inspire us to believe in our own signature style!

Inspired by French luxury, the fragile femininity of women on the streets of Paris and the glow of precious materials in the autumn sunlight, the Espérer collection landed at just over 400 VOGUE Watch & Jewellery authorized retailers throughout Greece. Discover it online at the e-shop

All jewellery of VOGUE Watch & Jewellery are based on Sterling Silver 925ᵒ, with 18carat (18k) rose and yellow gold plating, which enhances their luxurious character while allowing us to enjoy them daily. The proposals of the established Greek brand – a milestone in the field of watchmaking and timeless modern jewellery – in full harmonization with global trends and international trends, are the extra twist that takes off our every look.


Watch: key- piece of the chicest looks

Emblematic, timeless and top in the preferences of style lovers who consistently choose the proposals of VOGUE Watch & Jewellery for the accessory that is not just a practical object but accompanies us every day! The watch becomes the chicest detail that complements our every look, giving a sophisticated character. For the F / W 21-22 season, VOGUE Watch & Jewellery presents 10 series bearing the names of the most romantic cities in France – Cannes, Calais, Limoges and Grenoble with the iconic Cannes and Etoile II designs standing out for their unique features.



An emblematic model that impresses with its very modern dial. The two circles of the dial have between them smaller transparencies, giving a very impressive design with the semi technical view. Its special design creates a visual play.



A luxurious choice with a modern design and timeless character that allows you to enjoy it in every important or carefree moment. Its innovative waterproof construction makes it suitable for any condition, as it is resistant to 10 atmospheres,  it is waterproof even at 100m! A luxurious but at the same time absolutely practical must-have that endures over time and remains modern, easy to use and stylish!


Jewellery that captures the eye

Each series of the Espérer collection invites us to a different journey in style. Through 10 series of jewellery, Forest, Rotary, Flower, Tear, Moments, Mirror, Synthesis, Circle, Double Heart and Connection, they reflect different styles and aesthetics, all with the common denominator of the refined, modern but at the same time timeless character!




Ornate details combined with shiny red stones, create a complete line with exotic character and discreet luxury. The Ring in the shape of a beautiful butterfly, made of 18carats yellow gold (18k) plating and shiny red stone, impresses with its detailed design that is enough to take off even your morning appearances.




The trend that true trendsetters love. Discreet or more chunky, with simple or more elaborate designs, chains are rightly considered the next best thing in international trends. Vogue Watch & Jewellery proposes their most special and stylish version, with matte brushed details and diamond processing that make them stand out in statement pieces. The design stands out from the Rotary series, with the special clasp on the front, a circle intersected by a rod, ending in a highly impressive pantatif.




Protagonists of the Flower series, the ring, and earrings in flower design as well as the women’s necklace in water lily design, with white pearls and plating in 18 carats yellow gold (18k)! Statement piece of the series is the Ring in 18carats yellow gold (18k) plating with a floral flower design. The first row of petals is processed with a mat brush, while the second is with a glossy finish. The center of the flower is a shiny, white pearl!




The TEAR series recommends a simple but chic design that we find in bracelet, necklace, and ring, with double chain and decorative teardrop in 18 carats yellow gold (18k) plating. Its unique, minimal and at the same time dynamic design will accompany you all hours of the day, being the most discreet and particularly stylish detail of your look.




The moments that are worth “wearing” … The special designs with heart-shaped pendants made of 18 carats rose gold (18k) plating and black enamel or star of white mother-of-pearl, reflect the most luxurious expression of the moments we always want to have “with us! Ideal choice for chic monochrome sets that need an extra twist to stand out.




For the moments when the modern luxury is the absolute demand! The emblematic design of the MIRROR series, the Dangling Earrings made of matt yellow gold, white mother of pearl and zircon, with two oval parts: one with matte yellow gold of 18 carats (18k) plating, in mat brush technique and the other with white mother of pearl enclosed of white zircons. An elegant ponytail and a little black dress are enough to make them the absolute protagonists of your appearance!




Connected together, circles of 18 carats yellow gold (18k) plating end up in solid spheres and create a strong chain! A dynamic version of the “union” that communicates the strongest message, that of the timeless connection with our loved ones!




Earrings, necklaces, and fixed bracelets that combine the matte brushed technique and the glossy finish! The Medium length Necklace with chain and discs in matt yellow gold 18 carat (18k) plating stands out, with mat brushed finish and the impressive Ring with many calves that are connected to each other and pass through a circle with white zircons.




The cycle of fashion, style, inspiration! A simple but at the same time impressive series that, thanks to the different textures in the length of the jewelry, create the feeling that you are wearing sculpted works of art, such as these Pendant Earrings / Oval Rings in 18carats yellow gold (18k) plating from the CIRCLE series.




Hearts “beat” more vividly when they are together! The message of the DOUBLE HEART series is clear and becomes a reality through unique proposals that balance between romance and luxury! The necklace of the collection consists of two tons of 18 carat rose gold (18k) plating in three rows of chains with rings that form a double heart inside! What is best for your most special occasions and moments?



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