Chevalier rings

Chevalier rings, perhaps the most impressive and imposing rings that can adorn your fingers. It is not only their design that makes the difference, but also the fact that they are worn only on the little fingers. Let’s find out their story and get to know them better in the text that follows.

In the beginning, chevalier rings were worn by men

The word chevalier comes from the French word cheval which means horse. Initially, it was worn exclusively by men, members of royal families or nobility title holders. In fact, chevalier rings also depicted the crest of the family of the wearer. But there is also the version that wants them to have their roots in Greek mythology, as the rings worn by figures such as Prometheus, Zeus and Hercules!

Chevalier rings and their part in today’s style

Now, chevalier rings are a powerful and timeless fashion statement for anyone, man or woman. In fact, many of us choose to wear them even together or in combination with other rings and accessories. In any case, these are jewelry that never go unnoticed. In fact, they can fit into any style, modern or classic.

Modern types of chevalier rings

Of course, not all chevalier rings are the same. You can find them in different variations based on:

1. Shape:

Round, square or rectangular

2. Plating:

Silver, rose gold or yellow gold

3. The design

Hearts, water lilies and many more designs with stones or zircon

4. The finger cast

Classic chevalier frame with bold lines or thinner and simpler

The top suggestions in chevalier rings

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