Watch Care

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your VOGUE watch as best you can:


We recommend that you do all the necessary services and corrections that your watch needs, either at the headquarters of our brand or at an authorized reseller. Please maintain your receipt and / or certified warranty as proof of the authenticity of your watch.

General Tips

Your watch has precision accessories. For the best possible operation, please follow the following simple tips:

  1. Avoid leaving your watch exposed to extreme environments for long periods of time – intense sunshine, extreme heat or extreme cold.
  2. Do not use the buttons or rim when the watch is submerged in water. If water or moisture appears inside the case, you are highly advised to present your watch for immediate inspection. Water may corrode some internal parts of your watch
    3. Your watch is designed to withstand normal vibrations that may occur during use, but intense vibrations and falls should be avoided.
  3. Clean your watch by using a dry soft cloth.
  4. You should avoid using soap or any other chemical that might damage your watch.

Water Resistance

All VOGUE watches are waterproof to at least 3 atmospheres (ATM), which means protection against moisture such as rain and every day use water. They should not be submerged in water. For the best possible maintenance, we recommend that every two (2) years you should replace via an authorized partner or at our headquarters any damaged safety part that may affect the durability of your watch.


All our watches come with two (2) different types of mechanisms, depends on your purchase, please see below:

  1. Quartz mechanism: Battery operated.
  2. Automatic gear: It is of mechanical movement but does not need to be clocked regularly. On the contrary, it winds up alone by the movement of the arm / hand. Most automatic devices have an average of 24 hours of energy storage.

The mechanism of your watch should be maintained every two (2) years to ensure that its operation properly.


Battery replacement

Your battery will need to be replaced approximately every two (2) years. The battery indicates that it is about to expire when the second pointer moves every 2 seconds instead of every second. However, the Hour and Minute pointers, are moving normally.

In case you need to replace your watch battery, we recommend that you opt for an authorized VOGUE watches dealer to help us ensure that any of the watch fuses will not be affected by the change.

Any damage caused by an unauthorized representative will not be covered by the warranty.