Women’s smartwatch: the ultimate combination of high aesthetics and top technology.

Upgrade your daily routine by choosing a smartwatch that will fully meet your every needs.

Have you ever considered as to why choose a VOGUE Smartwatch? Well, we gathered 9 reasons to present them you.

The new VOGUE Smartwatches…
1# They care about your health!

That is why they are equipped with extremely useful functions such as: water drinking reminder, blood pressure meter, UV radiation detection, sedentary reminder.

2# They help by improving your sleep quality

In addition, their health benefits are enriched by a sleep monitor. V’s women’s smartwatch, COSMIC, monitors your sleep and suggesting useful tips based on your needs.

3# They will become your personal trainer!

They do not just record your every move, they also analyze your athletic performance, suggesting ways to progress your workout.

4# They keep you updated with your social media via notifications

Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Learn all the news from your favorite social media directly on your smartwatch screen.

5# They “sense” day and night!

Thanks to their special sensors, they detect the brightness of the environment and adjust their screen light accordingly, so that you have the best viewing or navigation experience.

6# They give rhythm to your every step

Whether you are at home, at the gym or at work, you can now select your favorite music directly from your smartwatch.

7# They are ready for adventure and action!

Equipped with a thermic crystal and waterproofed of IP68, VOGUE’s new women’s smartwatches will take you on an adventure. They also contain an altitude and timer.

8# VOGUE women’s smartwatches are famous for their quality…

All VOGUE women’s smartwatches go through the strictest qualitative controls. Therefore, they are provided with a two (2) year warranty.

9#… and they make a difference with their aesthetics!

The VOGUE Watches & Jewellery brand is s synonymous of design. The same goes for the new COSMIC smartwatches. Discover what suits you through 6 different combinations:

Discover the top women’s smartwatches on the market

Time to make your life more beautiful and functional! VOGUE’s new impressive COSMIC smartwatch series is here, combining the brand’s distinctive premium design with the most modern technological specs. Discover what suits your needs and fits better. You could also explore them in our authorized resellers network

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