What are all those important aspects of making the perfect choice when buying a watch? A new watch is an investment in both style and functionality. In order to help you choose the right one for you, we’ve put together all the tips you need.

Buying a watch: The 4+1 steps for the perfect choice

1. Analogue or Smartwatch?

Style or functionality? Timeless value or technological superiority? Vogue meets your real-time needs by providing you a wide variety of unique stainless steel watch designs, as well as new ultra-modern smartwatches.

2. Choose the style that suits you!

Design is one of the most important factors in choosing a piece of jewellery. The same applies for the watch industry. Pinpoint the options that meet your aesthetic criteria and of course… enjoy them in your hand!

3. The Importance of ✓material ✓mechanism ✓crystal

Buying a watch is an investment. In addition to the style of the watch that interests you, it is important to ask for more information about the construction material. Extremely important is the watch crystal choice that will ensure maximum resistance while wear and use.

4. Check their warranty

Every top watchmaker must provide a warranty, by “security”  its customers. Each VOGUE product is manufactured with the utmost care and meets ihigh-quality standards. Therefore, all VOGUE watches are provided with a two (2) year warranty of excellent operation.

+1. Make the best choice when buying a watch

Are you looking for a new watch? VOGUE Watches & Jewellery since 1981, offers modern and high-quality women’s watches, as well as fashion accessories that stand out for their impressive style and elegant details. Invest in your style and everyday practicality by choosing the design that suits you amongst the new watch arrivals in watches & smartwatches .


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