Solitaire rings: 7 steps to choose the perfect one

Solitaire ring, one of the most popular choices in women’s jewellery. This particular jewellery is accompanied with a marriage proposal, but let’s not forget that it is also a beautiful and an ideal jewellery that matches every style and look.

In any case, whether you are looking for an engagement ring, or an impressive solitaire ring for everyday use, the process of choosing it is not an easy one. In order to help you make your choice, we’ve gathered some tips to help you in the best possible way. Follow the steps we suggest and find the perfect one for you.

This is the way to find the ideal solitaire ring

1. Determine your budget

How much are you prepared to spend in order to acquire a solitaire ring? The first and most important “filter” is to limit your options according to your budget. Discover the unique Vogue Watch & Jewellery designs in beautiful and high quality solitaire rings, always at affordable prices.

2. Choose your solitaire ring based on your favorite color

Silver, rose or yellow gold? Choose the solitaire ring that suits you best in your favorite plating. Each and every one of Vogue’s Watch & Jewellery solitaire ring collection is manufactured by silver 925.

3. Choose the shape of the stone

Square or round? Choose the shape of the stone you like and fits you best. Vogue Watch & Jewellery proposition are solitaire rings with round stones that fits perfectly in every hand and re always fashionable.

4. Detect the perfect band

Are you looking for a clean-cut or a band with filigree braids and white zircons? The choices are many, but the decision is yours.

5. Find the right size for your ring

Before choosing the proper ring, it is important to know the right size in order to avoid any changes. Find your ring size here.

6. Choose preferably a solitaire ring with quality guarantee

Jewellery that last over time are the ones that are made with the utmost care and high quality materials.

7. …and with a return policy

A special piece of jewellery such as a solitaire ring, aims to makes us happy! Whether or not we change our minds after buying it or decide that another piece is suites us best, Vogue Watch & Jewellery offers you a return policy.

Obtain the solitaire ring of your dreams!

Are you looking for that single solitaire ring that will lift off your style? Visit our official website and find what suits you best with free shipping throughout Greece. The jewellery are also available at any authorised retailer! You will find them here

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