Rose gold watch, the number one fashion choice of women in the recent years – and rightly so. Thanks to its more girly and impressive color, it stimulates all eyes, giving style and elegance. But what are the reasons that make it so special and beloved by every woman?

A watch with rose gold plating 18 carats…

#1 It is a high valued jewel

Α watch with rose gold plating 18 carats (18K) combines the shine of yellow gold with the romantic elegance of copper.

2# It stands out for its modern aesthetics

Elegant, girly and romantic, a metallic rose gold watch is the best gift for any woman who is and/or feels young.

3# It can be accessorized with your outfit perfectly!

Thanks to its special coloring, it is ideally styled with shades of pink or neutral colors such as black, gray and white.

4# It can be easily accessorized with jewellery of other colors

A watch with rose gold plating is ideal for mix & match styling. It combines its discreet charm with your favorite gold or silver jewellery.

Choose the rose gold watch that suits you!

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