Ring size: what is the ideal size for you? Before choosing the right jewellery for your finger it is always a necessary to know the right size for you. In order to help you make the right purchase and avoid changes, we’ve put together all the steps you need to follow.

Select the appropriate ring size in 3 steps

  1. Use your favorite ring
  2. Take a ruler and measure its inner diameter
  3. Match the diameter of the ring with the size in the following table

Ring size for the average female finger

Ring Size
16,5 52
16,8 53
17,2 54
17,4 55
17,8 56

3 extra useful tips for choosing the right ring number

1# The size of the finger may change depending on the season!

Remember that in summer the fingers dilate and in winter they contract. So your ring size in the summer may be larger than in the winter.

2# The ring numbers change according to the hand

If you are right-handed, then the size on your right hand is larger than on the left. If you are left-handed again, the size on your left hand is larger than that on the right.

3 # Other factors that affect the size of the fingers

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, your fingers may be swollen. The same can happen during pregnancy, affecting the size of your fingers and therefore the ring size you can wear.

Choose the right ring number!

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