Gold long earrings, a unique piece that every woman must have in their jewellery box. But what are all the reasons that make this piece an ideal addition? Let’s take look at them in detail in the text that follows.

A pair of gold long earrings …

1. It is a piece of jewelry that does not go unnoticed!

Whether you accompany them with a simple jacket or an impressive dress, the yellow gold earrings (in 18 carats plating) will definitely steal the show. Anyone who looks or talks to you will always find them in their field of vision.

2.The gold long earrings highlight your face

Choose the proper pair of earrings and improve the geometry of your face. Yellow gold (in 18 carats plating) long earrings are an ideal choice for any oval or round face. In addition, they beautifully highlight a large neck, giving it a unique impressiveness.

3. You can wear them at any time of the day!

In the morning, you may wear your yellow gold (in 18 carat plating) long earrings with your hair down. Alternatively, you can grab your hair in an impressive messy ponytail. At night, impress by wearing your yellow gold (in 18 carat plating) long earrings with your hair held high!         

+1. Choose your hairstyle based on the earrings

In case the yellow gold (in 18 carat plating) long earrings have a very elaborate design, then prefer to accompany them with your hair straight. That way, your face won’t look overloaded. If your hair is more tufted or with strong curls, then it will be better to choose a simpler design for your yellow gold (in 18 carat plating) long earrings.

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